Application of Buddhist Doctrines in Social Studies Management on Anti-Corruption for Secondary School Students in Thailand

Homsombat, Phitsanu; Homsombat, Poolsak; Poonnasorn, Saard; Prachantasen, Kanokwan; Marasri, Sarinya; Suphabkham Nantana

The research aims at studying problematic conditions related to social studies learning management on anti-corruption (SSLM-AC) for first year secondary school students in Pangkhonwitthayakhom school, Sakon Nakhon province, and then creating and presenting the model of SSLM-AC based on Buddhist doctrine for the students...

DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.4770441
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Scopus Journal: Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation; 32(2), 2021 :
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