The Analytical Study of Belief in Isan Community Forest Conservation

Leeka, Jaras; Ritthithit, Phramaha Jaroon; Phrakhrubhavanabodhikun; Sachaiyan, Phrakru Baidika Narint; Sukprasert, Phra Sombat; Ruangsan, Niraj

This research aimed 1) to study the problem status of community forest conservation of Isan people, 2) to study Isan people's beliefs in community forest conservation, and 3) to analyze Isan people's thoughts in community forest conservation. The study was conducted using a qualitative approach. Data were collected from documents, research papers, and in-depth interviews with 30 participants (monks/laypersons). Data were described using an inductive approach. The study results found that 1) problem status of community forest conservation of Isan people occurred since people in communities did not feel fear of sacred power of community forests. They invaded forests and cut down trees, contributing to deforestation and deterioration caused by 1) population growth, 2) expansion of communities, 3) the use of new technologies, and 4) construction of buildings; 2) Isan people’s beliefs in community forest conservation have been practiced for such a long time based on a belief in sacred figures living in forests, i.e., tree guardian angels and tree spirits.

DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.4770318
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Scopus Journal: Psychology and Education (Q4), V58, 3, 2021 :
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