IoT System for Mushroom Cultivation in Greenhouse of Mahasarakham Communities

Arreerard, Tharach; Arreerard, Woraphapa; Ruangsan, Niraj

This research has its goal to develop the IoT system in supporting mushroom cultivation in the greenhouse (IoT-MCG) for Mahasarakham Communities in Thailand. The objectives of this study were: 1) to study elements of IoT-MCG of the communities in Mahasarakham, 2) to develop IoT-MCG, and 3) to transfer IoT-MCG to community in the research region. The target group was a planting house of Ban Dong Noi community in Khwao, Mueang, Mahasarakham. The tools of this study included 1) an assessment form of system appropriateness, 2) an assessment form of system performance, 3) that of the system effectiveness assessment...

DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.4769772
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Scopus Journal: Journal of Green Engineering (Q3): V11, 2, 2021 :
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