Buddhist Instruction Care for Thai Elderly in the Upper Northeast

Ruangsan, Niraj; Phrasophonphatthanabundit; Thongdee, Vitthaya; Promgun, Suraphon; Sanmee, Wichian; Kositpimanvach, Ekarach

The paper aimed to clarify the Buddhist instruction care for planning Thai elderly to have well-being in the sociocultural settings concerning the elderly development project in Thailand. The objectives of this study were: 1) to clarify the management policy of the elderly development within the upper northeastern locale; 2) to discover conceivable thoughts of instruction care standards for the elderly through the principles of Buddhism, and 3) to create guidelines of Buddhist learning administration for planning the development of elderly well-being...

DOI : https://doi.org/10.17762/pae.v58i1.938
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Scopus Journal: Psychology and Education (Q4), V58, 1, 2021 :
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